Fracking The US experience


    With 64% of England  above deposits of natural gas  which the Gas and Oil Industry surveys say can be accessed via Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) , the North West may well be reshaped in our lifetimes.

    The Fylde coastal area close to Blackpool is the site of test drilling  by Cuadrilla despite increasing opposition from local people.

    House prices  have already crashed and the market seized up  in the local area. 

    This will happen everywhere that Fracking occurs.

    The Youtube film "Split Estate"  linked above (copy and paste the link if it doesn't work ), offers background evidence of the experiences of ranchers and other rural residents in parts of the USA which has been fracked since the late 1990s.

    Hidden dangers, toxic pollution, water contamination , air dangers  and all manner of alleged illnesses caused  are related by those affected personally. Some families  have been forced to move out of state to escape the problems caused by fracking wells , giving up everything they've worked for all their lives, many for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

    Legislators have also been caught working hand in glove with the companies that have now been absolved of any responsibility through legal exemptions introduced by ostensibly corrupt politicians ,up t the White House itself.

    This excellent  documentary is a must see for all those living or working close to possible fracking sites , many across this region wil be affected for generations to come, and once the land and water contamination occurs , tracts of the region will become uninhabitable for years to come.
    UN Agenda 21  (now rebranded Local Government for Sustainability)  is the blueprint  for these changes .

    Remember until recently fracking wasn't viable , but now, due to the high cost of energy, particularly gas and oil , it's worth the effort and investment .

    The possible damage to communities across the North West  including the environmental destruction and water contamination is simply not supportable according to increasing numbers of people who are getting active opposing fracking in their aras. As these people wake up to the reality of what this means for their community , groups are being launched to expose the dangers rallying opposition  to what NWTRA believes is a dangerous development which requires very strict regulation at every stage protect the future for us all.

    Please take the time to watch this superb You tube film ......




  • You are being "Delphi'd" and don't know it !

    We alk about what it’s like to be “Delphi’d”. Don’t know what delphi’d is? Well, you’ll be shocked to know it is being done to you more often than you think. In fact, trained facilitators work with all our government departments on all levels to manipulate the public into going along with their “predetermined” outcome. They like to dupe you into thinking you had a say in what is happening when in reality, you don’t.
    Now, ain’t that just grand?

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